Filly, you’ll be a princess, soon

For 99% of the few people who actually read Bullp*ss; you can go about your business. As indicated by the title, this probably doesn’t concern you. Everybody else, come in a bit closer. It is time for rumors to be dispelled. I have something to tell you.

I’m actually listening to Urge Overdrive Neil Diamond right now.

Yeah. There has always been something cool about that song. I think it is the toy piano.

Also, Twilight Sparkle is becoming an Alicorn princess.

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Dog Buns: The game.

I liked board games as a kid. Even the ones that didn’t use boards. The only problem was that they required somebody else to play, and finding somebody who actually wanted to play was a pain in the a** sometimes. It just wasn’t as fun when you dragged grandma to the kitchen table for a half-hearted game of Mousetrap.

I’m sure grandmas everywhere would be even less thrilled to play Doggie Doo.

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What’s Old Is New: Toys that have been around forever.

I spent about an hour at Toys R’ Us last weekend, picking up an early Christmas gift for dear old mom (seriously) and just wandering the isle of what was my most favorite store when I was a kid. Toys seem pretty much the same, though the names, brands, and amount of technology that goes into them has changed. However, there are some toys that have pretty much remained unchanged over time, and I’m not talking about those franchises like Transformers, G.I. Joe, and certain equines  that never seem to go away. I’m talking about toys that  have literally been around since kids were invented.

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