Bullp*ss is a personal blog. By personal, I mean I don’t write about any specific subject. I write about whatever I feel like writing about at the moment.  Sometimes this is national or international news. Sometimes it is local events spam-bots might find interesting. Most likely, I will be tired of thinking about that bullp*ss and I will write about what makes life fun, like television shows, movies, personal experiences, video games and giant spiders. Maybe some day I will pull my head out of my a** and write some fiction instead of filling my head with stories and slowly going crazy.

What I don’t usually write about is a bunch of personal bull*piss, like how sad, mad or broke I am, unless it involves an entertaining story. Spam-bots don’t like to read about that stuff, and I love spam-bots.

Spam-bots love me. They’re the only ones who do.

Interesting story about the blog’s name. It means the same thing as bullsh*t. It was the word my guild leader in World of Warcraft used to refer to everything. Somehow, we knew what he meant. I took the name because that is what I usually write about, bullsh*t.

Thanks for reading.



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