Dog Buns: The game.

I liked board games as a kid. Even the ones that didn’t use boards. The only problem was that they required somebody else to play, and finding somebody who actually wanted to play was a pain in the a** sometimes. It just wasn’t as fun when you dragged grandma to the kitchen table for a half-hearted game of Mousetrap.

I’m sure grandmas everywhere would be even less thrilled to play Doggie Doo.

They’ve been pushing this game real hard the past few months, advertising the crap out of it for the holiday season. Feed the dog, and he poops (with appropriate sounds). Pick up three turds, and you win! Should I find it hard to believe they made a game about picking up dog poop? Probably not. After all, I did make those horrible puns a few sentences ago.

Actually, it sounds like something a kid would love. Feed the dog, hear it fart as it squeezes out a log. Try getting them to pick up a real dog “treat”, though, and they probably won’t be so enthusiastic.

Turns out, this game was actually designed 15 years ago, but nobody picked it up until Goliath came along in 2009. It became a huge hit in Europe, taking Germany, Holland, Spain and England by storm. It was named kid’s game of the year in France, and is one of the top 12 in England. Dear God.

I cannot believe I just read that. I miss Grape Escape. Man, we mutilated the crap out of those little guys.


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