They came in the night


Lawmakers worked well into Friday morning passing a ton of bills. Normally, I would find this unprecedented legislative productivity refreshing. A lot of stuff got done. Much of it was pretty standard; the kind of things no one really pays attention to. However, there were some very interesting bills no one got the chance to pay attention to before they were enrolled.

In those early hours, Lansing was like an electronics store during the L.A. riots. Taking full advantage of the “lame duck” session, republicans approved all kinds of legislation; much of which nobody but them had ever seen, or heard about. There were more last second substitutions then an episode of Naruto. When the doors finally closed on the capital building, Christmas had come early for the GOP, and a fat stack of party legislation sent the the governor’s desk.

For a list of all the recent bills,  see here.

Guns. Check. Abortion restrictions. Check. New Emergency Manager Law. Check. “Right to Work”. Check.

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Shut Up Already: You have nothing useful to say.

Here is a good example of television pundits having too much time and not enough to say. Yesterday’s recall election saw Republican Gov. Scott Walker again beat Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in a rematch of their 2010 race.

This is what happened.

Now everybody is talking about what it all means. I’ve heard no end of discussions on what happened, and what it means for Wisconsin,  what it means for the working class, what it means for unions, what it means for the United States, and what it means concerning the upcoming presidential election.

I’ve also heard lots of speculation on how, and why, things went down they way they did. Well, let me give you a hint. I think this had a lot to do with it.

However, I’ve heard few people mention this poll, even on CBS News. Why?  Because there wouldn’t be all that much to talk about if we took  to heart the idea many people just didn’t think a recall is appropriate over policy disagreements.

So, speculate on, professional talking people. After all, we’ve got a lot of air space to fill. Who could better fill it than all of the airheads and blowhards on both sides of the political divide. What better place to do it than on television; all day, every day.