Here’s your problem.

The other day I received something in my work e-mail from the Vice President’s office about Biden’s meeting with representatives from the video game industry. I read more about it today. I don’t know what they’re hoping to find by going over this again. For that matter, I don’t know what anybody is hoping to do by re-visiting the gun control issue. We’ve been over this a million times. We come to the same conclusion each time. They are a factor, but not necessarily the factor, for why bad things keep happening.

I’m not necessarily against a little more regulation involving guns, or video games. If it is done right (that’s the hard part), I think it could help. However, there are other things out there that need a bit more attention; things that have probably come about because we’ve changed as a society. Things that don’t have such an easy fix. We’ve come a long way from the nuclear family of the 50’s, and we all know that was bunk, but I think maybe we’ve gone a little too far the other way.

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Bad Commercials: Chuck E. needs grammar lessons (and better pizza).

The first commercial I am going to present in an unflattering light is the newest for Chuck E. Cheese’s. Maybe some of you have fond memories of Chuck E. Cheese’s. I think Chuck E. Cheese’s, like communism, was one of those ideas that looked good on paper, but were doomed to turn into something horrible. Every time. Pizza, cartoons and video games were the holy flipping trinity when I was a kid, yet there was always something dirty and shameful about “Chuck’s place”. The robots. The terrible pizza. The screaming children. The beguiled staff, forced to obey the whims of snot-nosed brats and deal with frazzled adults. The robots.

Mostly the robots.

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