Apocalypse Sooner or Later: Zombies are best-case scenario

I heard on the radio the other day that sales of zombie killing ammunition are on the rise in urban areas due to the recent outbreak of people chewing on each other. I was surprised to find out there was actually real ammunition designed to kill zombies, and even more surprised to find out it was produced by Hornady; a reputable manufacturer. I was not surprised to find out morons were buying it.

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The Prophecy: How prophetic

Sometimes, real life emulates movies, which often emulate real life. Confusing? So are these mutated trout fry, spawned from fish taken from creeks in Idaho, which have been polluted with selenium from the mining operations of the J.R. Simplot Company. Among the fished raised in laboratories, some had deformed tails, deformed faces, or two heads. Some parent fish even laid deformed eggs.

Even more confusing, is that this report was done by the company itself, and it actually concluded that it would be safe to allow selenium, a toxic metal byproduct of mining,  to remain in the streams. The report even stated higher levels of selenium, above what is currently allowed by regulatory law, would be okay too.

You don’t say. I guess dead,  two-headed fish babies are kind of cute.

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