New Year’s resolution: sweat the small stuff.

This goes against traditional advice, but I don’t mean it in the traditional way. What I mean to say is; screw the big picture. The big picture, the worldwide stage, the national stage, is always a downer. It doesn’t change. Corporate and government greed. Lousy economies and violence. General bullp*ss.When was the last time you  turned on the news and saw something that you smile? How about the last time you opened the newspaper? How about the radio?

I originally wanted to do a story on what I wanted to see more of in 2013 in government. In worldwide affairs. In national affairs. I couldn’t think of anything. I couldn’t think of anything unless I thought of it in the context of what I wanted to see less of. There’s not a whole lot of good going on out there on a grand scale. There are, however, lots of little things going on out there. Little things were all I could think of.  I’d love to see more of these little things. Little things like volunteers helping hurricane victims. Little things like Internet charities that raise money in the name of small, colorful horses.   I’d love to see more people saving puppies.

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Presidential Candidates 2012: Princess Celestia

There is an election upon us. How can we forget? Every day, we’re bombarded by television, radio, and print endorsements for the presidential candidates paid for by the parties and rich-ass bastards practically buying your vote. The toxic bullp*ss is getting so deep on both sides that I need a hazmat suit.  It is times like this I wish I had a real 3rd party choice. One that might win. One that might end this republican and democrat crap for good. The real silent majority knows nothing will ever get done as long as the parties are cock-blocking each other all day.

If I’m going to fantasize about getting a real leader in office, I might as well go whole-hog. This time, I’m going to throw my nomination into my long-neglected fantasy candidates series. Anybody who knows me probably knew this was coming. My pick for fantasy presidential candidate is Princess Celestia.

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So, you want a shutdown?

If the democrats and republicans don’t come to an agreement over the 2011 budget tonight, the government is going to shut down tomorrow.

Some people even want a shutdown. I’m one of them. I don’t want any of this wussy “essential services” sh*t though. If we want to see what America is like without government interference , lets do it! I say we shut down every single god-danged service the government offers or supports for no less than 6 months.

Would it be horrible? Oh yes. People would die. The economy would probably die. Politicians would probably be fine. No pay for anybody. No social security, no medicare, no welfare, no government regulations of any kind.  Nothing. It would be horrible indeed.

Sure, country folk would survive; but would you?

We would all learn a valuable lesson, though. After all, ignoring the lessons of the past and f*cking themselves is the only way humans learn.

Maybe after the carnage, we could start to have intelligent discussions about which government services are essential and which ones aren’t.

Of course, this won’t happen. It’s all a little game played for and by our elected leaders and their little followings.

Only “non-essential” services will be shut down. Little things like national parks, inspection services,  your tax refunds, military payroll after April 15  and hundreds of thousands of government workers would go away. The president and every other elected official would keep working, as would homeland security, the FBI and services deemed essential to keep things nice and safe here in America.

Except soldiers.  I guess they’re not essential to our safety.

Which begs the question; what are they doing over there then?

The Crap in Wisconsin

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to one of the area papers today. It references Patrick Buchanan’s column in that paper, which you can read here. While Wisconsin is getting the lion’s share of the news coverage, this same thing is happening in Ohio and other states as well.

Patrick Buchanan’s recent column on the political circus surrounding Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal illustrates just how much of a game governing has become for both parties.

He is correct in identifying the power struggle playing out behind the scene; the Republican governor is trying to weaken unions which traditionally support the Democratic Party. There can be no defending such an obvious political attack with union busting as a core concept. Abolishing public unions does not add income or lessen debt. Concerns about the effects public unions have on governments are legitimate, but the state budget proposal is not the time or place.

This time it was the Republicans who made an aggressive move under the guise of governing, but disguising mostly party business in a bill or proposal isn’t a tactic unique to either party.

Only parties and thin core constituencies win when parties run government. Everybody in the middle is out of luck. People are right to worry about a government willing to break unions and right to worry about union bullying. It seems the most people would benefit from meaningful cooperation between parties, not plays from party handbooks