They came in the night


Lawmakers worked well into Friday morning passing a ton of bills. Normally, I would find this unprecedented legislative productivity refreshing. A lot of stuff got done. Much of it was pretty standard; the kind of things no one really pays attention to. However, there were some very interesting bills no one got the chance to pay attention to before they were enrolled.

In those early hours, Lansing was like an electronics store during the L.A. riots. Taking full advantage of the “lame duck” session, republicans approved all kinds of legislation; much of which nobody but them had ever seen, or heard about. There were more last second substitutions then an episode of Naruto. When the doors finally closed on the capital building, Christmas had come early for the GOP, and a fat stack of party legislation sent the the governor’s desk.

For a list of all the recent bills,  see here.

Guns. Check. Abortion restrictions. Check. New Emergency Manager Law. Check. “Right to Work”. Check.

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As Good a Reason as Any: Representatives rebel against Obama, probably parents too.

Jim Jordan represents Ohio  in the House and is a leader of of a group of House conservatives. He’s also 16 years old, apparently.

The House will soon be voting on legislation that would extend Social Security payroll tax cuts and extend long-term jobless benefits. However, President Barack Obama promised a veto if the the GOP puts in anything relating to an oil pipeline from Canada to Texas.

So, of course, Obama’s threat has become a challenge to conservatives, and they  they put something about an oil pipeline in just to show how bad-ass they are.

Alright, maybe not. I don’t know why they did it, but it sounds a lot like sneaking something about horse slaughter into a federal spending bill. If there is a good reason, it certainly can’t be Jordan’s.

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