New Year’s resolution: sweat the small stuff.

This goes against traditional advice, but I don’t mean it in the traditional way. What I mean to say is; screw the big picture. The big picture, the worldwide stage, the national stage, is always a downer. It doesn’t change. Corporate and government greed. Lousy economies and violence. General bullp*ss.When was the last time you  turned on the news and saw something that you smile? How about the last time you opened the newspaper? How about the radio?

I originally wanted to do a story on what I wanted to see more of in 2013 in government. In worldwide affairs. In national affairs. I couldn’t think of anything. I couldn’t think of anything unless I thought of it in the context of what I wanted to see less of. There’s not a whole lot of good going on out there on a grand scale. There are, however, lots of little things going on out there. Little things were all I could think of.  I’d love to see more of these little things. Little things like volunteers helping hurricane victims. Little things like Internet charities that raise money in the name of small, colorful horses.   I’d love to see more people saving puppies.

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They came in the night


Lawmakers worked well into Friday morning passing a ton of bills. Normally, I would find this unprecedented legislative productivity refreshing. A lot of stuff got done. Much of it was pretty standard; the kind of things no one really pays attention to. However, there were some very interesting bills no one got the chance to pay attention to before they were enrolled.

In those early hours, Lansing was like an electronics store during the L.A. riots. Taking full advantage of the “lame duck” session, republicans approved all kinds of legislation; much of which nobody but them had ever seen, or heard about. There were more last second substitutions then an episode of Naruto. When the doors finally closed on the capital building, Christmas had come early for the GOP, and a fat stack of party legislation sent the the governor’s desk.

For a list of all the recent bills,  see here.

Guns. Check. Abortion restrictions. Check. New Emergency Manager Law. Check. “Right to Work”. Check.

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Apocalypse Sooner or Later: Zombies are best-case scenario

I heard on the radio the other day that sales of zombie killing ammunition are on the rise in urban areas due to the recent outbreak of people chewing on each other. I was surprised to find out there was actually real ammunition designed to kill zombies, and even more surprised to find out it was produced by Hornady; a reputable manufacturer. I was not surprised to find out morons were buying it.

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The Prophecy: How prophetic

Sometimes, real life emulates movies, which often emulate real life. Confusing? So are these mutated trout fry, spawned from fish taken from creeks in Idaho, which have been polluted with selenium from the mining operations of the J.R. Simplot Company. Among the fished raised in laboratories, some had deformed tails, deformed faces, or two heads. Some parent fish even laid deformed eggs.

Even more confusing, is that this report was done by the company itself, and it actually concluded that it would be safe to allow selenium, a toxic metal byproduct of mining,  to remain in the streams. The report even stated higher levels of selenium, above what is currently allowed by regulatory law, would be okay too.

You don’t say. I guess dead,  two-headed fish babies are kind of cute.

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Assholes of the Animal Kingdom: These beetles.

Imagine this; just as you are about to take a bite out of your cheeseburger, it shoots out of your hands, and bites a hole in your neck.

This is pretty much what these beetles do.  Beetles from the Middle East called Epomis circumscriptus and Epomis dejeani. When a frog, other amphibian, or lizard comes to eat them, they jump out of the way, latch on,and go to town. Even the beetle larva, which I can understand, because I know anything that looks like that is bad-ass. Apparently they even entice their prey to try and eat them. Apparently they can get swallowed, sit in a frog-gut for an hour, get regurgitated, and proceed to eat what just ate them.

They remind me of the predaceous diving beetle larva from the seasonal pond down the road I used to keep in jars in my basement. They ate everything they could get their little scyth-like jaws on. It didn’t matter how big it was. I found this out the hard way when I finally found a water scorpion and put it in the same tank as a beetle larva.


The really shocking thing is that the adult beetle does this too. The unassuming looking beetle frickin’ jumps on the would-be predators back and does, something. It is unknown at the time what they do, but the results are always the same. A dead, half-eaten frog.

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things 2: Idiots

As my lovely spam-bots will remember, I just wrote about how ridiculous Americans can be when it comes to being outraged by stuff in movies and on television. Here is another great example. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is calling for a boycott of the film The Grey because it depicts wolves as killers, and the cast also snacked on some actual wolf meat as a fun little character building activity.

I would like to think people are reasonable. I would like to think people aren’t going to watch this movie and think wolves are terrible, bloodthirsty creatures that want nothing more than to snack on our innards and paint the inside of their dens with our blood. Unfortunately, there are people out there who will watch the movie and think wolves are terrible, blood thirsty creatures that want nothing more than to snack on our innards and paint the inside of their dens with our blood.

These are also the people who watch action films and then get their asses kicked thinking they can fight. Protest these idiots, not the movie.

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Sopa on the Ropa? Blackout Wednesday to proceed anyway.

A whole lot of popular websites, such as Wikipedia, Mozilla, Reddit and the terribly addicting  are participating in tomorrow’s planned protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act. Some are going to go “black” Wednesday, effectively disappearing for the day. Others are gong to simply run banners or encourage community members do something to raise awareness of the bill.

WordPress is one of the latter; so you lucky spambots will get to keep reading Bullp*ss.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve already heard a lot about SOPA. Supporters claim it will stop Internet piracy, and opponents claim it is Internet censorship that will change the very nature of the Internet forever.

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