Here’s your problem.

The other day I received something in my work e-mail from the Vice President’s office about Biden’s meeting with representatives from the video game industry. I read more about it today. I don’t know what they’re hoping to find by going over this again. For that matter, I don’t know what anybody is hoping to do by re-visiting the gun control issue. We’ve been over this a million times. We come to the same conclusion each time. They are a factor, but not necessarily the factor, for why bad things keep happening.

I’m not necessarily against a little more regulation involving guns, or video games. If it is done right (that’s the hard part), I think it could help. However, there are other things out there that need a bit more attention; things that have probably come about because we’ve changed as a society. Things that don’t have such an easy fix. We’ve come a long way from the nuclear family of the 50’s, and we all know that was bunk, but I think maybe we’ve gone a little too far the other way.

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No consequences

Just when I thought whatever is going on with whatever happened down there in Steubenville, Ohio, couldn’t get any more outrageous, I read a statement in the paper made by one of the boy’s attorneys. It was almost funny.

“They are reluctant to sacrifice their college career, their reputation, or their otherwise good standing in whatever community they may be found for fear of being vilified, and certain personal information finding its way on the Internet,”

“They are reluctant to sacrifice their college career, their reputation, or their otherwise good standing in whatever community they may be found for fear of being vilified, and certain personal information finding its way on the Internet,”

“They are reluctant to sacrifice their college career, their reputation, or their otherwise good standing in whatever community they may be found for fear of being vilified, and certain personal information finding its way on the Internet,”

Well, that’s too damn bad. There are consequences to what you do, and when what you do is probably criminal, those things are some of them. What they’re accused of is serious stuff. Do they not understand? College should not be an issue. Not going straight to prison should be. These kids should be scared sh*tless. Even if they never actually raped the girl and faked the whole, horrible thing in order to make the worst Internet video in history.  Either way, they’re rapists or assholes, and they need to be taught a lesson.

They came in the night


Lawmakers worked well into Friday morning passing a ton of bills. Normally, I would find this unprecedented legislative productivity refreshing. A lot of stuff got done. Much of it was pretty standard; the kind of things no one really pays attention to. However, there were some very interesting bills no one got the chance to pay attention to before they were enrolled.

In those early hours, Lansing was like an electronics store during the L.A. riots. Taking full advantage of the “lame duck” session, republicans approved all kinds of legislation; much of which nobody but them had ever seen, or heard about. There were more last second substitutions then an episode of Naruto. When the doors finally closed on the capital building, Christmas had come early for the GOP, and a fat stack of party legislation sent the the governor’s desk.

For a list of all the recent bills,  see here.

Guns. Check. Abortion restrictions. Check. New Emergency Manager Law. Check. “Right to Work”. Check.

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Simply Awful

It might be a good news day, but it isn’t a good news day, if you know what I mean. I haven’t heard so much bad news in a single day for quite a while, and I can only imagine how the people personally affected by it feel.

I’m mostly talking about the school shooting in Connecticut. If you live under a rock, or just haven’t paying attention, look it up (I made that easy for you). How things in a person’s life gets to a point where killing your mother,  19 kindergartners, and 6 adults seems like the way to go, I’ll never understand. Nobody will understand, no matter what we find out. I’m not a religious person, but I believe I heard it best when the leader of a congregation told people something to the effect of “some things are only for God to know” . That’s a pretty eloquent way of saying sometimes, there are no answers.

All I can do is feel bad for the parents who found out they will never see their child alive again. I cannot fathom what it must have been like driving to the school in order to find out whether or not you still had a son or a daughter.

In advance, I’d like to admonish all the people who will undoubtedly use this story for political gain or to advance an agenda. You know who you are. You know what you are doing. Does it ever occur to you to maybe wait a day or two before giving a soapbox sermon? No. Probably not.  You’re probably not even right. The only reason for this terrible incident is some design flaw in the human brain.




I’m promising myself I’m only going to write about cartoons and puppies after this post. That was the agreement. After the election; don’t write about any more serious stuff. Of course, I haven’t written much of anything, really; so what’s the difference? The difference is I can’t help myself when it comes to Bullp*ss that I see. I have to say something. Spam Bots love this crap.

That doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Neither do these things:

The Fiscal Cliff

Well, here we are, 27 days after the election, and everything I’m hearing about the “fiscal cliff” sounds exactly like what I’ve been listening to over the past 4 years. I’m not even going to try and be impartial this time. Note: this does not mean I favor one party over the other, but in the case of these issues, I favor one approach over the other.

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Why Do We Do This?

Could somebody remind me why we have these Presidential debates? I don’t think they talk about anything we’ve not heard before. I’m pretty sure we all know where the candidates stand. At this point, most everybody has their mind made up. If you don’t, the debates aren’t the best place to get your information. The best you can hope for is see which candidate makes a bigger fool out of themselves by stating something you know is not true, or contradicting something they said two weeks ago.

Of course the candidates could always be total jerks to the moderator, and show everybody just how unwilling they are to stick to agreed upon rules; always a good sign.

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Mystery Solved: What I wanted to know about the Romney video.

I don’t understand why everybody is so shocked by this secret Mitt Romney video. Sure, it shows him talking about 40-some-odd percent of voters with disdain. Or was it the 40-some percent of people who don’t pay taxes? I don’t know. I don’t care. It isn’t shocking. It isn’t a surprise. Anybody with any sense knows this is how most wealthy people, especially certain Republican factions, view the common folk. I could be people who don’t pay taxes. It could be everybody else too. They’re all parasitic freeloaders. No surprise there.

What interests me about this video isn’t the content. No. It is the video itself. I want to know where it came from, and why it was shown now.

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