She was prepared: So now what?

As about .05% of the spam bots who read my blog know, yesterday’s season 3 finale saw the fulfillment of what a lot of people have been expecting and/or dreading for quite a while; the egghead became a princess, complete with wings and a coronation ceremony.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re not that in that .05%. Go home. Nothing to see here.

If you do know what the hell I’m talking about, or you are simply curious, stay awhile, and listen. I’m going to do something I’ve never done before; analyze an episode of a kid’s show.

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How do you create hype over a “toy” nobody has given a flying feather about for years?  Play an endless stream of commercials where you know very active members of the Internet community will be looking.


I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but the usual annoying-ass Christmas commercials for Gak, the weird slime stuff produced by Nickelodeon and NSI International, aired several times during the highly anticipated season premier of a certain cartoon last Saturday. I didn’t notice because I was suffering from a League of Legends induced hangover and went into a coma during commercials, but a lot; and I mean a lot, of other people did.

It would be hard not too, for a conscious person. It is traditional for 3 or more of the various Gak ads to run in a a row. One can only hear a burping voice exclaim “Gak! Gak! Gak!” 800 times per commercial before it gets lodged in your brain like the question of whether or not you turned the burner off after making tea.

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Toys For Men

Just for kids? Doubtful. I hear the old folks complaining “kids” movies are more for adults these day. Good. I’m glad we adults get to have fun again.

America is still behind the times. I’m not talking about universal health care or acceptance of nudity, either. I’m talking about America’s habit of taking everything fun and giving it to kids. Toys. Cartoons. Games. What is the deal with that?

Don’t get me wrong. We’ve come a long way. But I think we all know there is still quite a disconnect between the growing population of young and middle-aged adults who still like the fun stuff, and the aging population. There are still a lot of people out there who think anybody past their mid-twenties who still watches “kids” movies, thinks super heroes are cool, and plays video games has something wrong with them. A lot of people still don’t consider people interested in these things “grown up”. This doesn’t make much sense to me for a very good reason.

These things weren’t originally meant  for kids, and a lot of them still aren’t exclusively for children.

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2011: The Year of the Pony

That is a capital idea, Spitfire.

Last year wasn’t the greatest for me. However, there were a few things that brought me joy during the self-imposed monotony and funk of 2011. The next few posts will be about these things.

Of course, anybody who knows me, or who has read anything I’ve written since May, knows there is one distraction that stood out above all others. I’d like to get this elephant equine out of the room first.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

On its face, the idea of grown men watching a show called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, sounds very odd (to say the least). I didn’t know what the hell was wrong with the world when I first read about the phenomenon in May of 2011. However, being a guy who watches a lot of cartoons and who probably enjoys kids shows a little more than he should, I had to look into it. I never expected it to be one of the best television shows I have ever seen.

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Dog Buns: The game.

I liked board games as a kid. Even the ones that didn’t use boards. The only problem was that they required somebody else to play, and finding somebody who actually wanted to play was a pain in the a** sometimes. It just wasn’t as fun when you dragged grandma to the kitchen table for a half-hearted game of Mousetrap.

I’m sure grandmas everywhere would be even less thrilled to play Doggie Doo.

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Merry Christmas! Flying sharks for everybody

I’ve seen a lot of toy commercials lately. After all, I watch a lot of cartoons, and it is the season to turn children into super-greedy brats by running tons of advertisements where children will see them the most.  Aside from the hottest brands, I often see a lot of ads for obscure toys nobody knows, or cares about, for 11 months out of the year. I’m talking to you, Dr Dreadful Zombie Lab.

Then there is the flying shark.

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What’s Old Is New: Toys that have been around forever.

I spent about an hour at Toys R’ Us last weekend, picking up an early Christmas gift for dear old mom (seriously) and just wandering the isle of what was my most favorite store when I was a kid. Toys seem pretty much the same, though the names, brands, and amount of technology that goes into them has changed. However, there are some toys that have pretty much remained unchanged over time, and I’m not talking about those franchises like Transformers, G.I. Joe, and certain equines  that never seem to go away. I’m talking about toys that  have literally been around since kids were invented.

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