Thanks Gamefly; thanks alot.

Maybe Gamefly hasn’t noticed, but adults who play video games already have to deal with enough crap without their incredibly stupid commercials. Grown men screaming, throwing tantrums and sobbing into the lap of their girlfriend because a game is bad does not help our image, thanks.

Alright. I’m sure nobody has changed their opinions over these commercials, but I find them to be in pretty bad taste. I mean, really, what kind of jerk wrecks a store because he’s only getting $9 for an old game. Dude, have you been to a pawn shop? Have you ever watched Pawn Stars? That’s how it works, especially with transient things like most games. Sure, there are a few classics people will pay top dollar for (Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII), but even then, you’re probably not going to get a whole lot.

Just take the store credit. Don’t fool yourself. You’re not going to pay the rent with a stack of old PS3 games.

Back to Gamefly. Screaming grandma. Screaming everybody. It isn’t cute. It is reprehensible behavior. I could probably say the same for a lot of commercials out there. Beer commercials used to be pretty bad. Lately they’ve steered away from big boobs and big boobs (dumb guys) to false claims of craftsmanship and incomprehensible nonsense (Heineken, I’m looking at you). Commercials for sports related things can be even worse. However, few people do studies to see if guys who watch sports are fat and depressed, and nobody ever blamed the Super Bowl when some guy choked a kid to death so he could watch it in peace.

What I’m trying to say, is that adults who play video games already have a pretty bad public image. We don’t need you jackasses giving people more fuel. Yeah, your commercials are memorable; just like that garbage Quizno’s put on the air years ago. I’ll never eat at Quizno’s again, and I’ll never uses Gamefly, even though I think it is a great idea. Your commercials are really lame.

Now, if we could only understand why people have such a preoccupation with adults playing video games. After all, adults created them for other adults, or maybe we’ve forgotten that. Maybe it is that Ogre “nerds” mentality.  I’m going to wing it and say it the attention given to people who may have unhealthy habits involving video games. Yes, like asking a drunk if they drink because they are unhappy, you will find that people with video game addictions will say they are unhappy when they’re handed a survey. Do they ever survey people who have a couple of drinks, or who spend a few hours a night playing Skyrim?

No, they do not.



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