Do You Want to See Twisted?

This weekend, I learned Twisted Treeline is nothing like The Fields of Justice.

You would think it would be. There doesn’t seem to be much of a difference. Instead of three lanes for five players, you’ve got two lanes for three players. There are a couple of little altar things. No big deal. Except that it is a huge deal when you find out these things change the rules of engagement entirely.

There is no “lane phase”. There is no time to “farm.” Half of the time, several members of at least one, if not both, teams are dead before the minions even spawn. It is just one big-ass team fight; a constant gank-fest, with people running from lane to lane constantly.

And there are no wards.


Pretty much how I felt playing Twisted Treeline for the first time. Dem Shadow Ilse be a nightmare if you’re unprepared.

Couple things to take into account, aside from what I just mentioned. One, is that it can actually be a lot of fun. Like Dominion, it seems to be more the fighting;  cutting down on all the formalities before the slug-fests start. This means  there isn’t a lot of room for champions who don’t bring something to the table at level one. Team composition is also a bit different; several tanky AD characters, along with some sort of carry, seems to work the best. It also seems to require constant vigilance, and meticulous one hitting. You don’t have time to screw around, and there aren’t enough of you to make up for a lagging team-mate.

Essentially, you really, really have to be on the ball. Which might be why I was a little out of my element.

Also, the altars are really, really important.


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