His Fathers Must be Proud.

Not all celebrity gay couples are conspicuous. Just the other day, I learned of one couple nobody would have ever known about; that is until their son stepped onto the Fields of Justice. I am, of course, talking about Lord Zedd and Oroku  Saki (The Shredder).

It was all revealed yesterday when Zed, the Master of Shadows, became the newest champion in the League of Legends. While there is no official word on his parents, it is obvious to anybody who grew up in the 90’s who his daddies are. I’m sure all will “come out” in due time, but for now, like good villains, Zedd and Oroku will remain in the shadows and let their son enjoy the spotlight; until the time is right!

Mwah ha ha ha ha!

The big question now, is whether he was adopted, or the product of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa’s marriage (we all knew that wouldn’t last). It could be possible that The Shredder hooked up with some Manhattan tramp, but I doubt a dude who hung out with well-muscled, anthropomorphic animals all of the time had much interest in women. Of course, nobody knows what the hell Zedd is, so there is always the chance he can produce offspring.

As for Zed Jr., no one knows just yet what kind of champion he will be, but according to his lore, he is already quite the dick. He also likes to cosplay as Stormshadow.


Seriously, though; everybody has thought he looks like at least one of these guys.


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