A Public Service Announcement

The exchange of power without violence is still an exceedingly rare thing in the world, which makes tomorrow a fairly rare day in history of human kind. Americans will get to vote, and everybody else will get the chance to see the leader of a country get elected. Regardless of how you feel about the process of electing the President of the United States, it cannot be denied that democracy is a step forward for humanity.

However, the choice is largely the only step forward we’ve taken since humans have designed to lead. It must be remembered that most everything leading up to the moment of casting a vote can be largely tossed out the window. The road to victory for any politician is paved with lies, half-truths, and omissions. You are likely voting for fraudulent reasons. This is a fact. A fact most politicians are aware of it, but do not seem to be particularly concerned with.

It is also important to remember you are not voting for your hopes and dreams. You are voting for the hopes and dreams of those who have financially or otherwise backed the candidate, and those of a relatively small majority of core constituents. They have bought your vote. If your vision of America is in line with theirs, you’re likely one of them, and you won’t notice the maniacs are in charge after the ballots have been counted. If you are one of the majority of voters who have marginally chosen a candidate base on careful consideration, you get to hold on for the ride.

Finally, it is of utmost importance to remember you are voting for somebody who is intentionally creating a rift between you and your fellow Americans. A deep divide must exist if the two parties are to survive. It must be widened to claim power. It must be widened still to retain it. The last thing politicians want is the majority of their voters realizing they have more in common with their fellow voters across the aisle than they do with the party zealots. Americans finding a unified voice to direct their electorate with would cause a sudden shift in power which would be catastrophic for modern American politics.


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