Mystery Solved: What I wanted to know about the Romney video.

I don’t understand why everybody is so shocked by this secret Mitt Romney video. Sure, it shows him talking about 40-some-odd percent of voters with disdain. Or was it the 40-some percent of people who don’t pay taxes? I don’t know. I don’t care. It isn’t shocking. It isn’t a surprise. Anybody with any sense knows this is how most wealthy people, especially certain Republican factions, view the common folk. I could be people who don’t pay taxes. It could be everybody else too. They’re all parasitic freeloaders. No surprise there.

What interests me about this video isn’t the content. No. It is the video itself. I want to know where it came from, and why it was shown now.

Then, after writing a whole article, I found this. My who, what, and when questions answered. Kind of. It really stole my thunder. So here you go. Delete some paragraphs, post a link.  I still wonder who took the video though, and why they took it. I also still think a lot of what we see and hear; leaks, revelations, and scandals, are engineered to come out at certain times. This is my problem with the whole of the political process and how the media covers it. It is all a game. A game most people lose even if their candidate wins. If you want to be an informed voter, it is awfully hard. Most of what we get are sculpted pieces, “talking points”, keywords, and half-truths about issues that aren’t actually the issues that matter (or that the candidate really intends to do much about).

I still don’t even know why the video is causing so much commotion. I can’t even be sure Romney was talking candidly. He was talking to his financial backers. He is a politician on a campaign. He was probably telling them whatever they wanted to hear. For all I know, he could have a secret love for social programs (but I doubt it). At least the Obama team was technology conscious  enough to make attendees at certain functions check their phones at the door. Smart.


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