Zombify All the Things

Four mana really isn’t bad for this graveyard reanimation classic. But I digress.

How far are people willing to take any given “thing” in popular culture? Pretty far, it seems; especially if that “thing” is zombies. I don’t know when it happened or what prompted it,  but  zombies have  shambled out of the cult movie clubs and into practically everything.

You probably know that already. You probably already have your Zombie Survival Guide, a stockpile of zombie killing bullets, and after the recent face-eating bullp*ss, you might even be seriously building that survival kit.

If that is the case, you’re probably expecting a lot of down-time in the future. When you’re not trying to survive, that is. You might want to pack some zombie Lego sets in that backpack. Yes, zombie Lego play sets.

Apparently after running out of movie based ideas, one of my favorite toy franchises has decided to jump on the zombie bandwagon. You get to build a neat little zombie smashing truck and “bash the zombies with the giant hammer”  and “seize the moonstone” while running from a zombie attack.  It comes with a neat little mausoleum, some Lego coffins, a nice zombie couple out for a fancy dress and their chauffeur.

It is actually part of a set called Monster Hunters. It  looks kind of cool. You get werewolves, vampires, fish-guys, mummies, and some neat locations like a haunted house and vampire castle (spelled vampyre, cause it’s cooler). I probably would have enjoyed this set as a kid, right along with my old Castle sets and the M-Tron stuff. The monsters would fit in nicely, battling with the legion of little nights I owned, leaving a bloody mess for the space miners to find thousands of years later.

As for the whole zombie thing, who knows what we’ll see next. Like the whole “bacon” thing, I really don’t get it. It has become a cultural phenomenon. I know people are trying to work on a zombie survival theme park in Detroit, and there are actual groups training for the zombie apocalypse they may, or may not, actually think is coming.


I think maybe a neat themed hotel or something be fun. A night “under siege” would be exciting as long as the bar holds out and the bedrooms were soundproof. Who wants to wake up all cranky thanks to constant moans of the dead. I dunno about actual zombie survival training. It sounds like normal training to me. It’s all fun and games until a nerd loses an eye to an accidental AR-15 discharge.

In the meantime, I’ll be waiting for the real apocalypse. the one that will involve financial meltdown, starvation and disease; the things that won’t be so fun to fight.

Apparently moonstones are the source of a zombies power.


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