Thanks, J-Man.

Now that I have a angry comment, I can finally like myself!

I finally got a real comment. Somebody finally bitched about something I wrote. I feel as if this is a  milestone in my blogging career. I usually don’t get comments from people I don’t know, and even then, they’re usually just agreeing with me. How boring. If you look at all the popular articles, videos, and blogs out there, you’ll see they’re full of horribly written criticism that usually borders on the unintelligible.  This is the sign of a successful Internet venture. I think it is what God intended, if God was the guy who came up with the idea allowing comments.

Anyway, the reader, J-Man, did not like what I wrote about the Brut aftershave commercial. He thought the commercial was rather funny, and accidentally found my blog while looking for it.

Sorry, J-Man.

Here is what he wrote:

no wonder you only have 64 followers. this blog consists of bitching, complaining, whining, and more bitching. and you dont even take the super christian conservative side?… the best you have is “fish dont get pregnant”. …yes, we realize, its a joke, and apparently many people find it funny. quit being mad others did things with their lives even if they are somewhat unsavory, theyre obviously making out better than you or i. write something actually interesting or with a point and maybe someone will read it. im only reading it because i was searching for the video because its HILARIOUS(go on google and search it, youll see that obviously im not the only one) and saw this crap. hah. get a life.good god, quit bitching. haha it just makes me laugh, youre such a joke. writing about my little pony and dumbass commercials and their grammar.. yeah youre an artist. i found it ironic that the title to one of your articles is titled “Shut Up Already: You have nothing useful to say.

First of all, I had no idea I had 64 followers. Last I looked, I had about 12. Hell, I don’t even know where to look.  This is fantastic! I have no idea how this happened, considering quite a bit of what J-Man writes about my articles being pointless is actually true. However, what he writes is probably true of 95% of anything written on the Internet; including his comment. The only difference is, I know how to use punctuation and grammar. I also already know what I have to say is 100% irrelevant, so I’ve got a leg up on everybody else there, too.

Also, I don’t buy that bullp*ss about looking for the commercial. I’m guessing it was a combination of the search terms “My Little Pony” and “beastiality” that brought J-Man here. It happens a lot, and I regret having the term “beastiality” connected to my blog. I already get enough people showing up here looking for crazy sh*t like camel penises and “please don’t put your finger through my ear”.

So, thanks, J-Man. Because of you, I know I’m reaching people. I’m also glad you gave me something to write about tonight other than politics. I was happy to see your comment in my mail.

P.S. If you is J-Man, J-Man, good show.


One comment on “Thanks, J-Man.

  1. BlackWidower says:

    Once, someone ended up on my blog by searching for Godzilla Penis. *shudder*

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