Nothing is More Important Than This.

Scrutinize this.

Just kidding. This is the least important thing ever. However, what Mitt Romney did on vacation has been scrutinized to the nth degree. Why? Because nobody has anything better to talk about this election season. Certainly not issues that actually matter.

Here’s the story. Mitt Romney dropped the campaign trail and went on vacation over the week of the 4th. That is the actual facts. However, certain people, who will be ridiculed in a few paragraphs, have picked everything about this apart. Republicans, democrats, dogs and cats have all decided everything about this vacation should matter to us voters.

What a load of bullp*ss.

I’d say nobody cares, but people do. They really do. They’re in the minority, but they are loud as hell. So who are these people who care what Mitt did on vacation?

Politicians: Politicians believe the Romney vacation matters because they are either delusional idealouges, or know it doesn’t mean jack, but just want to use it to further their political causes. I’ve heard criticism and praise from every possible group, and I’ll tell you, it is all crap. He went on vacation. He rode a jet-ski. He has a zillion dollar vacation home. He is just an ordinary dood like us enjoying the holiday. He is lavishly living it up while Average Joe works two jobs over the holiday and is out of touch. F*ck yes, he is out of touch. Show me a big-time politician that isn’t.

The Media: The media; newspapers, television shows with talking heads, and everybody else cares because they don’t have, or don’t want, to talk about anything that actually matters. This includes me. When you’ve got 24-hours of bullsh*t to broadcast, you’ve got to fill it with something. Usually, that something is professional opinionation. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t matter. Good job. Good job, The Media.

Idiots:Idiots care, because the politicians they like, and The Media, tell them it is important. If they are told it is important, they believe it.

I feel relatively safe betting whatever fortune I may ever make that 95% of the voting public could give a flying feather about Mitt Romeny’s vacation.


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