The Old People Were Right: Everything just gets more stupid

I must be getting old. I’m talking old man on the porch, old. Everything just seems stupid now.  Okay. Not everything. This commercial does, though.

This falls under the category of “somebody got paid for this”? Chances are, they got paid more than you’ll make in a whole year. I took a few advertising classes in college, and I can tell you right now, this would have gotten me an F if I had written it.

I guess it is a different world now. Nonsense is everywhere. EVERYWHERE. The first time I saw the Quizno’s commercial with those little things screaming about subs and pepper bars, I said to myself “sh*t, the Internet got loose”.

I’m not even going to try to be fair about commercials like this. People have stopped making commercials for the products, and more to make funny little jokes for themselves. “He he, look what we got to run on TeeVee. We so funny!” BROFIST!

Just look at that Spongebob Squarepants Burger King Commercial. Who the f*ck though it was appropriate to have Sir Mixalot recreate Baby Got Back for kids? Nobody. They just thought it was funny, so they did it; whether or not it was appropriate was never in question.

There are so many sh*tty commercials out there, I could  write a zillion posts.  They really annoy me. Can you tell?

I think I will do just that. Every time I see or remember a sh*tty commercial, it’s going on here. I’ve got a backlog that spans decades.

Woo, f*ckers! Woo!


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