Where’s Baby?

Not giving a sh*t is not the same as being stupid, or lacking information. It is not giving a sh*t.  I try to explain this to people every day. For example; if you accidentally leave your infant in a car long enough for the heat to kill it, you probably didn’t give a sh*t in the first place.

So, I don’t know if the United States Department of Transportation is ignorant of this fact, or if they are just politely trying to remind parents who don’t give a sh*t to not leave their babies in the oven car. The new national campaign is called “Where’s Baby: Look before you lock”. The idea is to tell people how dangerous hot cars can be, and give people tips on how to make sure they don’t “accidentally” leave baby in the car and come back to find London broil.

Are we that distracted? Are we that busy? Are we that fractured that we forget baby is in the car. I know it doesn’t take long; just 10 minutes in certain conditions can raise the temperature in a car enough to cause heat stroke in infants. However, not realizing somebody is missing after 10 minutes is a little too long for me to reasonably believe that somebody was actually forgotten, and not left.

Maybe it is because I am not a parent. However, I have been around parents, and I don’t know any of them who have gotten more than two steps before realizing baby is still in the car, and they were about to take a stroll through the mall looking ridiculous with a diaper bag and no baby.

Now, I think there is some merit in warning people not to leave babies in cars, because at some times, the car seems a capable babysitter. Especially if you’re just popping in for 5 minutes. However, I don’t, for a moment believe people actually “forget”. I’ve been around enough parents to know they could never forget the fact that they have kids, even though they would like to.


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