Spoilers Ahead: MLP Season 2 ends with bedlam

She'll swallow your frickin' soul!

I won’t be long. I’ve got a reception to get back to. I just wanted to say a few words about the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic season 2 finale, A Canterlot Wedding.

Frigging amazing.

Especially for a show aimed at a younger demographic. After all, what kind of show “for little girls” has a wedding degrade into a total melee between ponies and a Fae-like changing queen and her hideous minions? A cool one, that’s what kind of show.

Of course, now that I think about it, most weddings are probably instigated by changelings.

Anyway, I think only the pickiest of picky pick-pants could find fault in the two-part final episode. It was more like a mini Disney movie than a serial cartoon show. It had a neat story, an interesting curve on a familiar conflict, a bad-ass new villain, and the expected, but not quite this way, last minute save at the end. We saw a good amount of fan service too, a few neat new songs, and evidence of the further existence of our Princess of the Night, Luna.

Magic unicorn lasers, Celestia throwing down, Twilight being used as a weapon, and the Vinyl Scratch cameo was pretty cool too.

I think the aptly named Queen Chrysalis nearly stole the show (figuratively, as well as literally).  She well designed, kept with the tradition of being based on mythology, and was genuinely creepy. I think some kids (and adults) are going to have nightmares tonight.

It was a good ending to a good season. A good, long season (what series has 28 episodes these days?). One which I am still amazed to find myself so interested in. Lauren Faust did a great job of re-imaging the franchise as something different from what kid’s shows traditionally offered (especially girl’s cartoons). Of course, there is also the super-talented staff of artists, animators, and musicians at Hasbro Studios and DHX, who have obviously put so much more into the show (especially a show meant to sell toys to kids) than they ever had to, creating an unexpected gem of a cartoon.

That MLP:FIM is much greater than it had to be doesn’t seem to say much, but in today’s vapid television wasteland, with both adult and children’s programing being pushed to the lowest common denominator,  it speaks volumes. It is a wonderful example of what talented people doings something they really believe in can accomplish.

Or some sh*t.

Anyways, I’ve previously written several articles scientifically explaining why I enjoy the show. Check em out, if ya care.

I’ve written enough. Time to party. I think Twi’s got a League of Legends LAN started in the ballroom. I leave you with this little clip, masterfully edited to mirror what many of us were thinking when the wedding took a familiar turn for the worse.



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