Where’s the Bullp*ss?

As a few (and I mean a few) of you might have noticed, the bullp*ss hasn’t really been flowing as of late.  The last thing I posted was this inspired gem, which I originally tried drawing a few times before I realized I cannot draw for crap all that well. I guess “well” is relative, compared to some of the crap stuff I’ve seen people put out for all the Internet to see. I admire their courage, but I couldn’t do it. It is kind of like those people who try out for American Idol, but can’t sing at all. You have to wonder what they were thinking.

Which brings me to what I’m trying to do, here; explain to a few people myself why I haven’t been writing. Well, that’s easy; this is a personal blog. I pretty much use it to vent my opinions on things when I feel like doing it. When something strikes me hard enough to make me think “I’d like to write about that.”. Sure, I could talk about the supreme court and the health care plan, or maybe that poor kid down in Florida that got shot. These kinds of things use to interest me. I used to like writing about them.

Lately, I haven’t felt like writing about them, though. Maybe it is because everybody and their uncle does it. Maybe it is because, really, who reads it anyway? A couple of Facebook people and a few old friends. That’s cool. I don’t mind a smaller audience. I never liked big parties anyway. I was always more of a intimate gathering kind of person.

I think the main reason though, is, as of late, I’ve turned my gaze inward. I’m not so much caring about the wild world of things at the moment, and worrying more about myself, and what I’m doing. It hasn’t been much lately, by the way. Not a whole lot to post there. Every day has been the same since 2006.

Which brings me to what I don’t want to write about. That crap. This is a personal blog, not a personal diary. The last thing I want to do is sit down and clop out an episode of Wrist Violin Theater every night. I’m not the kind to hork my angst/depression up all over the Internet. That’s for chumps.

So that’s why, my lovely spam-bots, you haven’t had anything new to ingest. That, or I am just trying to justify being lazy.

Oh, and in case anybody wants to know, I think there needs to be some kind of health care plan, but the one before the supreme court isn’t that cool. I mean, why does everybody have to be on it, or else? Really, why is that a necessary component? I mean, I heard the explanation a long time ago, but I’ve forgotten it because it sounded like bullp*ss. People should be able to opt out. These people should be on their own. No government assistance for you when you break your ass and then suddenly want somebody to help pay. However, the most disappointing thing about the health care plan, is that it was done so quickly, because congress has such a short attention span and better things to do than discuss such an important matter for more than half-a-year.



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