Another Lazy Post: Gas prices, Derpy back up.

Do you see that! Look at those prices.

Gas prices are quickly rising again, just like last year. Just like last year, we’re having the same argument over whether or not Obama can do anything to lower them. All the same people are coming out saying the same things; yes, he could, by allowing domestic drilling, and allowing the pipeline. All of the same people are coming out and saying no, he can’t; it is all due to factors beyond the president’s control.

However, not like last year, we’ve got an election coming up in November, so now there is all sorts of implied political intrigue. As if that wasn’t enough, there is an intense (or so we’re told) three-way brewing between the United States, Iran, and Israel.

Of course, this only means one thing, no matter the outcome; normal people will get screwed, one way or another. Possibly in multiple ways. Not fun ways, either. My guess, we’ll go to war with Iran, and have to pay higher gas prices all year. We’ll still have to vote for one of the two assholes approved by other assholes in November, too.

Talk about three-way. Not shaping up to be a great year. I haven’t even gotten to Derpy yet.

Oil/Gas Prices

I know, I know. This old thing. I can’t say much more than I did in this article when gas prices and domestic drilling was the topic dejour about this time last year. The prices are still determined by commodity speculators on Wall Street, who base the prices not on what is actually happening, but what might happen, eventually. This is the most polite way to describe them. Of course, there are all the speculations on the speculators and the things  they do to make sure prices stay nice and high. I have no reason to not believe these evil things said about them, because, like last year, despite high production and no actual disruptions, the prices continue to rise. The prices never seem to drop to anywhere below outrageous since the spring of 05′.

The only new thing is Iran. Something might happen there, but hasn’t. The oil prices go up. Because Iran. This is it. This is the crux of this whole argument as to why Iran should matter to gas and oil prices. Because. Iran. Iran is making the prices go up. Why? They might disrupt supply. Might.

The idea that Obama is somehow to blame for the rising prices really isn’t new. It was the same thing last year, but now it is an election year. It was stated, this time last year, that the price of gas would drive the democrat out of office. Stated by oil company people. Stated by republicans. It seems funny to me that it just so happens the prices are predicted to be the worse ever this year, as determined by the ethereal, and most certainly uncontrollable method of determining the price of oil. Oil men most certainly do not want Obama out of office, and there is certainly no way they can pull any strings.

If only he would have allowed domestic drilling, they all say. If only he didn’t stop the Keystone pipeline project last month. These things always seem to be brought up concerning the current prices. Everybody agrees they are not what have caused the prices to go up, yet it almost seems to be ever-so-slightly implied that if he had allowed these things, the prices just might not be so high. We would have a surplus. Production and supply would be up. Like it is right now.

Of course, when anybody points that out; that the price seems to always be high regardless of supply, or production, nobody ever has an answer as to why. Nobody has an answer for why we should believe them that domestic operations would make any significant difference in the fact that “something” always seems to drive prices up. In fact, I’ve seen this question flat-out ignored almost every time it is asked.

I’ve got no problem with domestic oil operations. What I have a problem with is people wanting me to believe we’re not going to get screwed with high prices even if we do go ahead and “Drill, baby.  Drill!”.


For anybody following the saga of Ditzy “Derpy” Doo, the episode in which the grey mare had her infamous speaking lines has re-appeared on iTunes. However, not only has the reference to her as “Derpy” been removed, but I believe her eyes have been “fixed”, and her voice has been changed as well. Instead of the boyish, slow voice she originally had, she now sounds like a typical bubble-head. After all, Tabitha St. Germain said she thought she was voicing a male character.

In my opinion, the changes don’t sound all that bad, really. I kind of like both the new voice. It’s hard to choose. The village idiot, or the village blond. Take your pick. I think they both fit her pretty well.

Not everybody agrees, and there is still a lot of anger over the complaints that resulted in this change, which is now being redirected everywhere; the complainers, Studio B, Hasbro, iTunes, and even people who don’t mind the change so much. Much (more) emo art of the poor gal has been created.

Enough already. I was annoyed at first too, mainly because I don’t like the idea of advocacy groups going through everything with a fine-toothed comb, looking for problems so they can justify their continued existence. I also didn’t ever think the character as making fun of, or at the expense of, anybody. However, companies do what they have to do, especially where the media (super-especially where a kid’s show) is concerned. It always seems to be the better policy to apologize, make a change, or both, rather than try to fight it out. It may salvage a situation. Nobody in the entertainment business wants to be the one to give the middle finger to “concerned citizens”, no matter what the complaint.Unless they are trying to be “cool”.

The hope is, fans will understand. Especially when it comes to something this small. They’ve already told us she’s not going to be banished, so I guess it comes down to preference. So, do we understand, fans? After all, Derpy was a gift already; do we want to look her in the mouth?

Never mind. Don’t answer that. I’ve seen the pictures some of you draw.


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