Two Cool, but Unrelated Things: AKA; the lazy post.

First off, I’d like to say this: I had no clue who Whitney Houston was. I was pretty sure she was Tina Turner, because every song I thought Houston did was actually done by Tina Turner. What’s the difference anyway, other than one of them is an Iranian spy? They’re both from the same era, both performed some songs, both had abusive men in their life, and both haven’t done anything relevant since the early 90’s.

Onward, to the amphibians, and animation cycles.


Check out these little guys. I knew about caecilians because I read books on this stuff as a kid. I was a God-danged child prodigy when it came to animals. I annoyed the sh*t out of my friends by constantly drawing their attention to bugs, snakes, lizards, and other things.

Anyway, these things are pretty neat; and they look gnarly too. They really do look like worms, because they’ve got that translucent, pink skin from spending so much time underground. Who needs pigment when you live in dirt? I know I don’t.

Some of my regular readers might notice they look like tentacles. That isn’t a coincidence. I’m sure these little bastards, and their squirming eggs, are what prompted a whole sub-genera of animated pornography. That or octopuses, which, now that I think about it, is far more likely, considering there are probably more of them near Japan. Japan does, however, have a giant salamander.

Watch this video.


I also watched this video this morning, during my usual “waste an hour on the Internet” time. It is a very in-depth, but easily understandable explanation of a “walk cycle”; which everybody knows is what you call the walking animation of an animated character.

Yes, it is My Little Pony. Yes, it is interesting, even if you don’t like My Little Pony, or know anything about animation. It amazes me that so much goes into something as simple as a character walking. It even amazes me more that something as simple as a character walking can be constructed to convey so much. Everybody watching last week’s episode knew there was something special about Pinkie’s walk during the insanely catchy “Smile” song, but it took a wizard to tell us just what we were looking at.

For those of you too lazy to click links, both videos are posted below. Now, I’m off to go do something lame, while crying and thinking about how I could have been a biologist or animator instead of a washed-up fry cook/freelance “writer”.


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