The Monster is Still in the Closet 2: What do nukes have to do with it?

Whitney Houston was an Iranian spy. She didn’t die, she just left a decoy body and went back to Iran with state secrets. Why else would Iran threaten a preemptive strike; unless they knew we knew Israel knew we would be forced into a preemptive strike if they went on ahead with the one they are probably planning. Why else would we have nicely asked Israel not to do it?

It would probably screw up everybody’s election campaign, for one thing.

If Iran does act on their threat, just who Iran would strike? Israel? The United States? Some random ally of either? I mean, it isn’t as if they have nukes; they’re just likely trying to make them. Iran couldn’t possible contend with the Gods, just annoy them.

I also don’t know what Iran is supposed to do to make everybody happy and prevent conflict.  I haven’t seen the “to do” list for getting off the wrong end of the sanction stick. More inspections that won’t be happening? Tell everybody they really don’t hate Israel? I’m guessing it has something to do with free ice cream for orphans, and completely abandoning its nuclear program. Don’t let us catch you trying to enter the 21st century again.

I don’t even know if this is ethical. We don’t seem to even know for sure if they’re doing anything naughty with it. Besides, it isn’t as if we’ve ever had much luck telling other countries in that corner of the world what to do.

I just want one thing when we go to war with Iran. Honesty. I don’t want to hear about capabilities, or the phrase “uranium enrichment”. I want to hear “yes” or “no”. “Yes”, they are building bombs, or “no”, they are not. It isn’t like we don’t have that information. If we don’t have that information, I want to know what this huge intelligence agency I’m paying for is doing. Are you telling me, out of the 99% of people in this world that can be bought, nobody working in the Iranian nuclear program is one of them?


I want it in black and white. Lie to me, if you have to. I just don’t feel like getting into something like this and then hear; “well, we though maybe they were building some bombs, but I guess they weren’t actually doing it. But, hey, they could have been eventually, and nobody really liked these guys anyway, so it’s good.

I’ve heard that before. About 10 years ago.

“Like the time you told me about the 50 Iranian terrorists who took over all the Sizzler Steakhouses in the city?”~The sherrif, to Chunk, in The Goonies.


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