Assholes of the Animal Kingdom: These beetles.

Imagine this; just as you are about to take a bite out of your cheeseburger, it shoots out of your hands, and bites a hole in your neck.

This is pretty much what these beetles do.  Beetles from the Middle East called Epomis circumscriptus and Epomis dejeani. When a frog, other amphibian, or lizard comes to eat them, they jump out of the way, latch on,and go to town. Even the beetle larva, which I can understand, because I know anything that looks like that is bad-ass. Apparently they even entice their prey to try and eat them. Apparently they can get swallowed, sit in a frog-gut for an hour, get regurgitated, and proceed to eat what just ate them.

They remind me of the predaceous diving beetle larva from the seasonal pond down the road I used to keep in jars in my basement. They ate everything they could get their little scyth-like jaws on. It didn’t matter how big it was. I found this out the hard way when I finally found a water scorpion and put it in the same tank as a beetle larva.


The really shocking thing is that the adult beetle does this too. The unassuming looking beetle frickin’ jumps on the would-be predators back and does, something. It is unknown at the time what they do, but the results are always the same. A dead, half-eaten frog.


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