Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Apparently there is some flak over Derpy “Ditzy Doo’s” spoken lines in last week’s episode of MLP: FiM. Apparently a few people are upset she was actually called “Derpy”. Apparently they are mad because they think Studio B, and episode writer Amy Keating Rogers, was making fun of something. Apparently they’ve gone so far as to write nasty letters to all parties involved, including  Derpy’s voice actress, Tabitha St. Germain (also Rarity/Luna), who actually thought the grey mare was a stallion.

Well, I’ve got a message for those people: Go buck yourselves.

Nobody is making fun of, or at the expense of, anybody. Everybody loves Derpy, or Ditzy, or whatever you want to call her.  Your assumptions on what she’s supposed to be are the problem, not the writer’s. Even if she was supposed to be a bit “slow”; so what?”. The “village idiot” is a popular character. I suppose you have a problem with Goofy, too.

We have a real nasty habit of being overly sensitive here in America, and it has only gotten worse in the past 20 or so years. We’ve come a long way up the mountain from black face and the ol’ “No tickee, no washee” schtick being acceptable, only to slide face first down the other side. Now we have to scrutinize everything for every possible perception, because believe me, people are just waiting to jump on any offense; real, or perceived.  Now we have to change character’s race, just to be inclusive. When we’re inclusive, characters are criticized as being too stereotypical. Writing for the screen, big, or small, must be a nightmare.

Thank Celestia The Goonies was made in the 80’s, or we’d never have gotten Sloth; one of the coolest movie characters of all time.

I’m betting everybody involved in giving Ditzy a voice and 50 seconds of screen time thought they were doing something great for their fans. I can only imagine how much is sucked to find out people were offended by it. I bet they think twice before doing something like this again. If you people screwed up my chance to ever see a tipsy Berry Punch, I’m going to find you. All of you.

I forgot how funny that sh*t was.


2 comments on “Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

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