Steel Panther: The 80’s will never die.

I don’t know whether Steel Panther is the most immature band in the world, or a really clever one.

Steel Panther is some sort of crazed 80’s glam-rock satire. Most bands that poke fun at a musical era end up sounding cheesy, especially those that mimic the 80’s; they were cheesy to begin with. Steel Panther pulls it off, doing an excellent job of recreating not only the sound, but the feel of hair-metal. It is almost believable when they say they were actually a failed 80’s group, which is what they claim to be.

Steel Panther songs are about two things. Partying, and sex. I’d have to say 90% sex, and the other 10% mentions sex. Even in the 80’s, every album had at least one heart-felt ballad, or a song about broken hearts. Not Steel Panther.

There are ballads. They are heart-felt. But they are about sex. It is almost legitimate when front man Michael Starr (Ralph Saenz) explains how his c*ck is community property, no matter how much he loves a girl.

It is that sort of humor that prevails through each of Steel Panther’s songs. Sometimes it is pretty funny, such as in the song “Community Property“, mentioned above. Sometimes it is just vulgar, such as in “Asian Hooker” and “Weenie Ride”. Sometimes they lyrics are pretty clever, such as in “Like Tiger Woods”.

Most of the time, they are all of those things at once.

The humor would go flat quickly if it wasn’t for the music, though. Steel Panther’s songs are pretty rocking. Unlike most parody type bands, it isn’t an afterthought to go with funny words. It really sounds like some of the best stuff the 80’s rock scene had to offer. It is the kind of stuff you’d put on a workout tape, or find yourself banging your head to in the car. You just might pull out a lighter listening to a song about a penis.

Oh, boy. You know you're in for a good time.

The group’s stage presence is supposedly pretty exaggerated; with names like Michael Starr, Satchel (Russ Parrish), Lexxi Foxxx (Travis Haley), and  Stix Zadinia (Darren Leader), I believe it. They certainly look the part.

While Steel Panther has two albums, Feel the Steel (2009) and Balls Out (2011), it has a third, Hole Patrol (2003) under it’s previous name of Metal Shop. The band has also been known as Metal Skool, and Danger Kitty, which you might recognize from this Discover Card commercial.

If you miss the good ol’ objectifying songs of the 80’s, or just like goofy-a** music that is well produced, give Steel Panther a listen. I really don’t know how they sing this sh*t without laughing.


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