2011: Dr. Who?

I’ve never actually watched a lot of television. Almost every time I turn the idiot box on, I’m not really watching. Very rarely do I make a “date” with specific programing. However, I think there were actually about 5 shows I made it a point to watch in 2011. This is a record for me.

I’ve previously written about some of these shows here and here. Onward, then, to the last two.

Dr. Who

Dr. Who is a lot of fun to watch. Very “sci-fi; the time-traveling, dimension-hopping alien known as the Doctor takes his companions on unbelievable adventures that span no less than all of time and space. There are a million crazy aliens. There are a million plot twists and turns. There are a million impossible things that happen. After all, when all of time and space is your bitch, what else can you do?

Most of the episodes are pretty self-contained adventures, but some are split into several episodes. However, most everything that happens, and most everyone (or thing) you see, usually pops up somewhere down the line again. Sometimes this has consequence. Sometimes it doesn’t. More often than not it does. Missing one or two episodes can really impair you ability to fully understand what is happening, and usually by the end of the (short) seasons, something big conclusion been brewing.

The show is pretty funny, too.

I have two little problems with Who, though. One of them is I often find it hard to decided whether to burn out my brain trying to figure out how what I’m looking at, or seen, will affect what happens later, or what is happening now, or whether I should just turn my brain off and wait for it to unfold. My second problem is the show is a lot of fun when it is about fun adventures, but the last few seasons have played a bit more with serious drama than I would prefer.

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Immature, vulgar humor; Panty and Stocking has it. A lot of it. It also has cool animation, pop-culture references aplenty, and neat, anime style action, which is why it probably manages to be entertaining instead of stupid.

Panty and Stocking Anarchy are two angel sisters booted from heaven for questionable behavior. Relocated to a kind-of purgatory, the two must battle unhappy spirits manifest in order to earn enough celestial coin to return. They also do a lot of the self-indulgent stuff that got them banned in the first place. They magically turn their namesake undergarments into holy weapons. The episodes are usually a lot of nonsense and ghost chasing,  following a loose plot parodying sort of current cultural thing. Everything from WWII movies to Transformers is fair game.

The episodes are self contained, and things tend to happen that don’t carry over to later shows. Eventually the angels end up finding recurring villains in demonic counterparts who usually end up being behind the duo’s troubles in later episodes. There is some sort of tie-up at the end where they face a mysterious villain attempting to ride a giant penis into heaven.

Really. You have to see the show for yourself to understand. Watch the first episode here.


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