Maybe the Internet isn’t completely full of troglodytes.

I often write about how depraved the Internet is. It is because the Internet is a depraved place full of savages. However, people sometimes use the Internet to do good things. It probably happens more often than I would like to admit for the sake of my hilarious (to me) opinion of the Internet.  Take the Humble Indie Bundle, for example.

What is the Humble Indie Bundle? It is apparently a package of independently developed games sold by Humble Bundle; INC, DRM free for whatever you feel like paying. These games are usually popular indie productions, such as Super Meat Boy, Gratuitous Space Battle, and Cave Story (all found in this year’s Humble Bundle). Much of the money goes to charity. In the case of this year’s bundle, the receiving philanthropies are the American Red Cross and Child’s Play.

For those of you who don’t know what Child’s Play is, check out the link. It is pretty bad-ass.

Some of the money goes to the games developers, and a few bits go to Humble Bundle; INC too. I believe you can even choose how much of your donation goes where.

It also appears that many people, and development groups, collect money for and promote the Humble Bundle as well. The top earning groups are usually tracked on the Humble Bundle site. This year’s top earner so far; a bunch of bronies.

Yes, the Humble Bronie Bundle has earned over $7000 for the Humble Bundle holiday charity drive. Apparently taking a cue from Twilight and the gang, this group of humble bros are showing the world that sharing kindness really is an easy feat. In fact, they’re way ahead of the rest of the herd, according the the Humble Bundle site.

The funny thing is, donating via groups like this, doesn’t even get you the games. You’ve got to go donate at he Humble Bundle site to actually get them.

Speaking of bronies doing good, there’s also this site, Bronies for Good. I’m not entirely sure what it is about, but I think it has something to do with promoting and supporting the good works of bronies the world over. Apparently they’ve done things like blood drives, and are on the cusp of some sort of Christmas fundraiser for the Children’s Cancer Association, where custom pony art and other things will be gifted to the top benefactors.

Well I’ll be. Go bronies. Show the world you (we’re) not all a bunch of weirdos who write freaky fan-fiction and think about french-kissing oddly colored equines.



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