The Good, the Bad, and the Mostly Mediocre: The rest of em’

With all of my recent posts on television shows (cartoons), one would think I watch a lot of television. This is not true. In fact, there are very few shows I actually try to watch. Everything else just happens to be on when I am near a television, usually doing something like making dinner or cleaning up after making dinner. In this 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. time slot, I usually end up on Cartoon Network or something similar, rather than watch some reality television crap or over-dramatized animal show.

Who am I kidding. I always end up on Cartoon Network. Here are the last of the mediocre shows I’ve seen come and go on this channel over the past year or so that I felt compelled to write about.

Another assumption one could make is that I dislike a lot of what I see. This is also not true. However, I know most of what I watch is not very good, or even really bad, for that matter. It simply is. The original Thundercats, which I greatly enjoyed as a kid, is one of those shows. The 2011 remake is pretty much the same. I’ve only seen a few episodes, and it could be an improvement over the original, if it wasn’t for the fact the original was the original, and people probably think highly of it because it was something they remembered favorably.

For hard-core fans of the show, the new version probably is an upgrade. It has better visuals, the dialogue isn’t so, damn, slow, and the story gets a pretty snazzy re-vamp, adding a darker story-arc rather than just episodes. I’ll admit, it is kind of neat seeing the characters, major and minor, in new, yet familiar roles.  However, the new stuff, while cool, is still pretty mediocre by today’s standards. Nothing really new or clever has been done, and to the non-Thundercats enthusiast, the show will probably look just like every other action show out there.

Ditto for Voltron. I never watched it as a kid, so I had no nostalgic yearnings for a return. A more modern story and fancy computer graphics seem to be all this newer incarnation of the “Defender of the Universe”.

Sym-Bionic Titan
Sym-Bionic Titan was one of those shows I would have watched a bit more of, if it had been on more and hadn’t been cancelled. Titan dared to try and flesh out its characters, Princess Llana and Corporal Lance, two alien teens fleeing a ruthless general who had seized control of their home world. I have to respect that. Most shows idea of character development is how stupid their characters can be. Octus, their bio-cybernetic guardian was  a hoot, with his “straight” man delivery.  I also liked the art style of the show. However, the whole thing was a little moldy.

I find it hard to put a finger on what made this show tank.  Perhaps thee characters were too common. Perhaps the world didn’t need another teen drama/robot battle show.  Perhaps it was that the formula of fighting monsters sent from another planet, first individually in power suits, then with the aid of a giant robot made with the combination of the three characters , was just a bit too stale. Perhaps there was too much dialog between these fight scenes.

Word on the street is,  Titan met its end due to lack of merchandise.


Two robots, Blastus and Thrasher, try to make it through high-school on planet Insanus, a place where chaos and destruction are encouraged by the completely irrational, bloodthirsty inhabitants.

A high school drama, about high school things, with an added twist; the characters are always encouraged to kill each other. Not being quite as insane, or bloothirsty as their peers, Blastus and Thrasher try to get through the best they can, usually getting maimed in the process. Perhaps it is because they are not intelligent, either.

Since the population of Insanus is bat-shit crazy, the storyline usually involved something bat-shit crazy happening, and then some popular culture references. In a high school drama about robots trying to kill each other.

The show is cancelled. Re-runs are not being played.

The one fun thing about Robotomy was trying to figure out if the giant skull was voiced by the same guy who does Master Shake. It is.


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