If the Shirt Fits.

I was called a “legitimate brony” the other day.  At first, I wasn’t sure what that meant. Are there really people who pretend to like MLP? Then, I recoiled at the thought. I had never liked the term, “brony”. Besides, I wasn’t some giddy fan-boy, was I?

Yes, in fact, I am.

It is a lot of fun.

I found this revelation interesting. I thought those guys who sat outside of movie theaters for days, dressed as their favorite movie characters were huge nerds. I thought the guys holding all-night parties before the release of a new video game were a little obsessed. I had tried to avoid become a big, dorky fan of anything over my lifetime.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like big, dorky things, it’s just that I tried to keep my big, dorky interests at arms length. I was always on the fence. I thought I walked the line between dorky and “cool”.

Odd that it took a show about cartoon ponies to make me realize cool is not suppressing your joy.

It was probably some “survival” technique that I picked up in school. Swirlies were still the standard punishment for being a “dork” when I was in school. Of course I wasn’t fooling anybody, except maybe myself, but I think not acting like total nerd kept me a rung above those other dorks on the social ladder.  I still had a few friends who still like cartoons, drew monsters, collected action figures and played non-sports related video games like me, but It wasn’t cool to talk about those things in public. I made fun of the kids who talked about Mortal Kombat all of the time. I remember trying not to act interested about a lot of things, even though I was.

Old habits sometimes stick with you, even though people, and times change. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to feel completely comfortable with my “inner nerd”. I never found my very own little nerd community. I always had more non-nerd friends than nerd friends, and I always ended up somewhere in the middle, never taking the initiative and going all in on either side. I was always reasonably comfortable where I was, and that was good enough, even though I often wished I could go all out nerd.

I think I subconsciously adopted this theory to everything, eventually. After a certain point in my life, I was never really that interested in anything. From where I am standing right now, this is most certainly not a good way to be.

So, yeah. I’m a brony.  I’ll buy that shirt, and wear it.

Speaking of cartoon ponies, f*cking tomorrow is a new f*cking episode about f*cking Luna. It is a Halloween episode, to boot. It still amazes me that, like many of the fan-favorites, a character with such a small part in the series (probably less than 30 seconds, not counting her time as Nightmare Moon) has attracted so much fan attention. The ruler of the moon has been depicted by fans  as everything from a shy introvert (1000 years of solitude will do that) to a goofball prankster (1000 years will do that too). Why, people, do you draw her obsessed with socks? I wonder what they will think when she makes her first official appearance tomorrow.

I’m more excited than I have reason to be. Enjoy a few Luna flavored pictures to chew on until tomorrow.



2 comments on “If the Shirt Fits.

  1. jason says:

    Self actualization is liberating. I still mask who i am and what i like to appease the opposite sex. Its most likely why it doesnt work out. I rarely tell women i enjoy video games, sci-fi and ect..

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