A wild Gyrados Appears!

Sometimes I do things that don’t involve a computer, work, or ponies. As some of you spam-bots might known, I like to go fishing. Lately, I’ve been able to make it out once a week.

While I (we) usually don’t get skunked very often, it did happen at Lake Arcadia about a month back. My fishing companion and I went back  for a re-match the next week and caught several nice smallmouth bass where the lake forms a channel to Lake Michigan, along with a few pike in the main lake body. We were pretty happy with how things went, so we went back for a third time.

We (I) only caught one fish this time, but it was a doozy. It wasn’t exactly a gyarados*, and I didn’t need a super rod. It was a large pike, and it only required at St. Croix. We didn’t have a scale and I didn’t measure him, but he was big. I don’t think I’ve ever legally caught anything so large. I probably shouldn’t have caught it all, considering I was using 8lb test, no leader, and the fish managed to wrap my line around the jagged remains of the boat’s transducer mount (the part of the “fish finder” that goes in the water).

I was pretty jazzed. Jazzed enough to post this post (I didn’t have anything else to write about, anyway) and edit the video of my catch.

So, here you go, spam-bots. Enjoy. Maybe you can try to link some bogus fishing junk site off me.

*I just realized the names of pokemon are capitalized, when the common names of most animals aren’t. Therefore, I did not capitalize gyarados. I did a quick search, and it appears there is, or was, a big debate about this. What a surprise.


One comment on “A wild Gyrados Appears!

  1. jason says:

    Impressive fish. Nice Freddie costume outfit by the way

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