2011 Catalog of Colossal Damn Spiders

It is that time of year again; the weather cools, the leaves change, and at night I find giant spiders everywhere.

I can't believe I got this close.

Okay, they aren’t giant, giant. It isn’t as if they’re dropping from the ceiling like the Avondale  spiders (Delena cancerides) in Arachnophobia, either. However, I still have to watch where I’m stepping when I go outside at night and keep an eye on what the dog is messing with.

The dog loves to “fight” them. It is pretty funny, because they “fight” back. The spiders are no more than 1 and 1/2 inches across and he’s 45lbs, yet they can still hold their own against him.

They don’t start showing up slowly, either. The spiders are just suddenly there. The other day, I went outside and saw three of them hanging out on the porch. The other night, there was one in my basement.  Tonight, I found another three.

I don’t know if they’re attracted to the heat, or to the other insects attracted to the heat, but I know what they are. The spiders are some variety of wolf spider. I don’t know which species, specifically, only that they belong to the family Lycosidae. Wolf spiders are ground spiders, and instead of spinning webs, they chase their prey, usually at night. They have good eyesight and are pretty darn fast. Wolf spiders also tend to take care of their young in a way many spiders don’t. The  females carry spiderlings on their back for a period of time after they hatch.

I have seen few things more fascinating and disturbing than a big spider dripping babies waiting for me at the top of the basement staircase.

I also know wolf spiders will attack a pencil if you annoy them long enough, and it will wake you up when one runs across your bare chest at night. It is also extremely funny to see your dog run over to a family member and proudly spit a living, p*ssed off spider into their lap.

Enjoy a few more photos, taken my me.



One comment on “2011 Catalog of Colossal Damn Spiders

  1. Kelly says:

    Yuk! Nasty pics! lol! It’s bad enough that I see them here too, but I NEVER get close enough to see all that hair on them! They are fast, and they jump like crazy! I won’t even try to kill them because they end up jumping and I can’t figure out where they went, so I’m freaked out that they’re on me somewhere. ick!!

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