More Pony Related Nonsense

So, the new season has started. I haven’t, and probably won’t go see what the internet has to say about it. Quite frankly, hard-core fans who post reviews tend to over-analyze things too much, and I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth.

I will say this; I hate Discord. He is the kind of villain I cannot stand; acts like an idiot, looks like an idiot, but is still powerful and a real threat. Like Kefka, from the Final Fantasy series. The pacing was a little rushed too. Okay, I’ve said too much.

Speaking of discord, I when I was researching “The Pony Phenomenon”, I found not everybody liked the show. Even more surprising, not everybody thought the idea of male fans, let alone adult male fans, was harmless.  I’m not talking the usual Internet troglodytes either. I’m talking about Fox News and feminist writers.

Is there something more sinister to Equestria than jealous sisters and douche-bag draco-whatever the f*cks?

My Little Homophobic, Racist, Smart-Shaming Pony

Yes, you read that right. Apparently a blogger for Ms. Magazine (online) named Kathleen Richter doesn’t like the stereotypes and secret lessons children learn from the MLP reboot. Read the article here. It was part of Ms. Pony Week, whatever that was. Yes, it is old. The show came out last year, so that’s when it got the scrutiny.

Here are her major talking points.

So overall, these are the lessons My Little Pony teaches girls:

  • Magical white ponies are suited for leadership; black ponies are suited to be servants.
  • Stop learning! You will overcome any obstacle by resorting to strength in numbers (of friends).
  • Girls that wear rainbows are butch.
  • You need the government (ideally a monarch invested with supreme ultimate power and a phallic symbol strapped to her forehead) to tell you what to do with your life.

This lady is the bane of any creator, and why we can never have nice things. She is right on a few things, though. Old shows were horrible, and it is thought a unicorn’s horn might be a phallic symbol. Knowing this fact would have made grade-school so much more fun.

As for everything else?  There is not much I can say Lauren Faust didn’t already in this counter-article. The only think I can add is that looks like her ideas are based on a few episodes and her own assumptions. My brother, reading this as I write, just brought up a good point. It seems people like Richter are as equally stuck on the old stereotypes as the material they oppose, to the point of seeing them everywhere. I don’t even know what “Girls that wear rainbows are butch.” is supposed to mean.

Fox News

I don’t know what segment of Fox News this video clip is from. Maybe some daytime show nobody watches. I didn’t even watch the whole thing.  It kind of looks like some public access crap.

I do know it fails to make a distinction between losers who watch  My Little Pony and everybody else who watches My Little Pony.  There is an important difference. I’ll bet these losers aren’t limited to the “Brony” pool either.


Fan Fiction/Fan Art

Yeah, yeah. I mention fan fiction and fan art in my last pony article. I even said a few good things about it. However, most fan fiction and fan art involves sex, rape or dismemberment. Seriously, somepony wrote stories about Pinkie Pie eating Rainbow Dash, and somepony even made a You Tube video of themselves reading it . At the very least it involves depictions of a vast web of inter-character relationships that were never meant to be. Am I being unfair? Yes. Am I wrong though? Not really.

Somebody found my page looking for “Scootaloo sex story”. Do you know how disturbing this is to me?  She is undeserving of such scootabuse, and I will not tolerate it. I don’t know what is worse, the fact that it is the equine equivalent of child pornography or that people actually find ponies arousing.

Wing Boners

Some people are obsessed with penises so much, they mistake wings for dicks, and assign penile qualities to them. Way to go, freaks.


You know you’ve made it big when you replace the world “fap/fapping”.

Other Stuff

Sometimes the lessons in the show are either misunderstood, or just don’t come across as intended. This is pretty normal, especially when it comes to children’s shows trying to teach a lesson. Overall, I’d rather see shows run in to this kind of problem, then just be complete nonsense or vapid bullp*ss like 90% of children’s television out there these days. I think I’d rather have my kids watch violent anime, If I had any. At least they’re “fighting the good fight”, instead of running around like maniacs and teaching kids it is okay to be annoying as f*ck.


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