Fishing Trip 2011: The Video (part 2)

Just when I wanted to do more blogging to please my spambot masters, I have a few “off” weeks. By “off”, I mean all of the colors in my life turned to grey and several superfluous body parts withered and fell off.

That being said, the release of the second half of my fishing trip video was delayed further by trying to figure out how the hell Youtube decides something is violating copyright laws. I know how it is supposed to work, I know what they say, but it doesn’t necessarily make sense. For example, I know damn well I’m not supposed to use music I didn’t create in my videos, especially when that music is owned by a large record company. However, everybody does it anyway. Half of the time they get away with it too. Just look at the first part of my video. Do I own the rights to use Primus?


However, it seems one of my music choices for the second half resulted in getting my video blocked. Mind you, it didn’t block that particular segment with that particular song when I uploaded it separately. It just warned me. When I uploaded that particular video segment with that particular song in a larger video clip containing other songs, that’s when Youtube has a problem.

So, I ditched the Enigma and added some Daft Punk. I guess those boys  don’t mind me violating their copyright as much as Michael Cretu or his owners do.

So, here it is, the second part  of The Best Fishing Trip Video Ever. If you want to know the story behind the video, read my blog post about it (with actual field notes) here. Enjoy.



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