Fishing Trip 2011: The Video (part 1)

It’s been a while since I posted something to the blog. It is possible I don’t have enough time (horrible time management skills). Perhaps I’ve been spending my time constructively instead (watching cartoons). Maybe it is because I’ve been working on a video.

Yes, it is true. I have, I have been and I did make a video of our fishing trip. In my past life, I wanted to make film. Now I’m just a washed-up fry cook who patches together clips of his last fishing trip with a lousy video editing program.

To be fair, It is an interesting video.

So, here it is, part one of The Best Fishing Trip Video Ever. If you want to know the story behind the video, read my blog post about it (with actual field notes) here. Enjoy.

P.S. I like how I sent all (3) of you Facebook people to my blog instead of straight to Youtube in order to make it look like I’ve got more readers than spam-bots. I’m not fooling anybody, I know, but it makes me feel better.


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