Doom at the Door

I know, “Doom at the Door” sounds like a cool short story or R.L. Stine book; but no, it is scarier. A guy came to my door to tell me about the end times.  It took him  a few tries, but he managed to get his opening line out over the barking of my religion sensing dogs .

Just kidding. They bark at everything.

Anyway, I heard something, something, tsunami, earthquake and time is right. I then not so politely told him I wasn’t interested and closed the door in his face. It was a little uncharacteristic of me to be so rude, but barking dogs get on my nerves, especially since I have been working so hard to try and get them to just go ahead and bite instead of bark.

His visit made me wonder, though; do people actually convert at the door? Are there people out there who have been so touched by a door-to-door religion salesman that they buy the whole package right then and there? Going to a total strangers house and trying to get them to follow your religious beliefs just doesn’t sound like a very sensible thing to do. If you’re looking to recruit, hold a picnic or something. At least the people who show up might be looking for something.  Why risk some jacka** in pajama pants and a sleeveless t-shirt snarling at you while slamming the door?

I suppose there are people so desperate to fill some hole in their life that they’ll believe in god after a 10 minute conversation in a doorway. I think it is more likely they snatch up  “former churchgoers” who can be prodded into joining a different flock. Either that, or they’re some scam-and-a-half looking for money.

In other news, I’m back from my fishing trip. Despite hours of research and planning, the fish thoroughly defeated me, even when we tried a lake I normally “crush” them in. It was still a good trip, however. A lot more on that later.

Also, it seems Robbie Allen,  the creator of Femmegasm, liked my review. I was pretty jazzed when I saw I had some hits from a link on his “Twitter” account, and later a link on his page featuring this completely unexpected Battletoads comic; a prime example of why I like Femmegasm. I wonder if Allen will still like my review when he realizes I’m just some dood in his mom’s basement writing to a bunch of referrer spam robots.

Regrettably, I decided to go with the "Socks with Crocs" look when the fish turned fashionista.


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