Things I Like: Webcomics for fun read time.

The internet can be a fantastic place for people with a creative bent. It is the biggest free publisher, ever. Hundreds of thousands of artists, writers and cinematographers put their stuff on the web every day, and some of it is even worth taking a look at. I honestly think I would be way cooler today if I had an internet audience to share my home movies and Captain Burnout comics with instead of losing interest and ending up a normal human with lousy job and a bad attitude.

Perhaps some day I’ll get hit by a truck and get whatever mental hangups I have developed over the years keeping me from being cool again knocked clean out of my skill. Until then, I’ll just keep looking at some of the neat things other people do with their god-given creative talents.

One of those neat things I’ve always like were web comics. I never actively seek them out, but I tend to find them from time to time. Occasionally, one catches my interest for reasons I never fully understand and I take to reading it regularly.

Some of the ones I’ve taken an interest in the past include Sluggy Freelance, It’s Walky, Exploitation Now, Girly and RPG World. A lot of those are done now; but here are a few I’ve discovered more recently. 


I started reading this one just the other week. I have no recollection of how I found it, but it had something to do with this Doctor Who strip. From what I’ve seen, Femmegasm seems to be a combination of single comic jokes and short story arcs involving anthropomorphic roommates June July, an impulsive and bossy Golden Lion Tamarin and Shelly Mander, an intelligent but sometimes naive Axolotl.

Look them up.

The humor comes from some damn good pop culture jokes referencing everything from current animation and video games to some pretty classic sh*t, along with the usual sex, drugs and rock and roll. It doesn’t hurt that the comic looks good too.

Kudos to creator Robbie Allen and colorist Chris Jones; I had a feeling I was starting to go too far with my research into “that pony phenomenon”,  but I was unsure of how far until now.

Bad Machinery

Bad Machinery is the story of some English kids going to English schools and having  crazy mystery adventures. I find it hard to explain why I find this so entertaining. I certainly get a huge kick out how the characters phrase things at times. I also enjoy how the comic a mix of normal, everyday life and supernatural happenings. I also enjoy smart, sarcastic British humor. I even like learning a bit more about other cultures though something like, say, comics from somewhere else.

For example; kids in England go to schools, wear uniforms and are sometimes goth. How weird is that?

I also like the cartoon because it is funny, like it’s predecessor Scary Go Round, which is the first John Allison comic I discovered. It was about pretty much the same thing, but had revolving cast of characters. I also had no idea who Aleister Crowley was until I read Scary go Round, and suddenly I knew what the f*ck  Ozzy was talking about.


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