The End is Nigh, Again.

Whatever plans you may have this weekend, I hope they included dodging driver-less cars, unmanned airplanes and waiting in line at Starbucks for a long, long time. The Rapture comes this Saturday, May 21st.

About 6 p.m., if you want to know when to start watching for disappearing neighbors.

No, I don't suspect you do have much time left, Mr. Camping.

At least this is according to Harold Camping, a 89-year-old preacher and president of Family Radio, a world-wide religion based radio station in Oakland, California. Apparently the former civil engineer has done all sorts of mathematical pullp*ss based on dates and times in the bible to find hidden prophecies.  Somewhere in all that, he figured out Judgment Day is coming this weekend, and we’re all going to rot in hell after 5 months of torment until the earth blows up in October, except for that tiny percentage of “saved Christians”.

Camping has used his vast radio empire and much of the money it raises to spread the news of doomsday, using billboards and branded vehicles with warnings of the apocalypse.

I honestly don’t have much to say about this; the links speak for themselves. I would like to say I feel very sorry for the people who have made life decisions based on this guy’s predictions,  such as holding off marriages, having children, quitting jobs to drive the sodding banner vans and spending their life savings.

Especially considering the guy also predicted the same thing was to happen in 1994. He wasn’t as sure, then, but he is absolutely sure now.

Caio, suckers.


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