Robots Love me

People don’t read my blog, but robots do.

Yeah, maybe a few of you Facebook junkies can’t help but click the (this) link when I auto-publicize, but most people keep scrolling. Robots, on the other hand, have proven how much better than people they are. Robots visit my site every day. Robots love me.

My first robot lovers made an appearance the day after I started Bullp*ss. “Wow, 11 readers on my first day.”, I thought. It was the robots. Sensing fresh web content, they couldn’t help but rush to embrace me withe their cold, steely tentacles. My lovers don’t come every day, of course. most of the time they wait until I’ve posted something new. Robots don’t know jealousy, so every time they bring friends with them. I’ve seen my blog stats jump thanks to a veritable robot orgy on my little website.

Of course, robots don’t really love. Though they boost my numbers, I know it isn’t real. Like any good lover, they leave a little something behind too; a link in my referrer log. These links are harmless, but they are the end game. More links on more sites mean search engines list them higher in the queue.  They only want to get closer to the search engine. I can’t blame my intimates for using me this way.

Someday soon, WordPress plans to block my precious little bots. Some call it referrer spam, log spamming or referrer bombing, but who are they to tell me our love is wrong?  It may be spamdexting, but maybe it’s the best relationship some people can hope for.

It certainly beats spending $2k $6k on a Realdoll.


One comment on “Robots Love me

  1. crmerry says:

    A hot, Asian robot advertising Honda Accord has already visited this page.

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