So, you want a shutdown?

If the democrats and republicans don’t come to an agreement over the 2011 budget tonight, the government is going to shut down tomorrow.

Some people even want a shutdown. I’m one of them. I don’t want any of this wussy “essential services” sh*t though. If we want to see what America is like without government interference , lets do it! I say we shut down every single god-danged service the government offers or supports for no less than 6 months.

Would it be horrible? Oh yes. People would die. The economy would probably die. Politicians would probably be fine. No pay for anybody. No social security, no medicare, no welfare, no government regulations of any kind.  Nothing. It would be horrible indeed.

Sure, country folk would survive; but would you?

We would all learn a valuable lesson, though. After all, ignoring the lessons of the past and f*cking themselves is the only way humans learn.

Maybe after the carnage, we could start to have intelligent discussions about which government services are essential and which ones aren’t.

Of course, this won’t happen. It’s all a little game played for and by our elected leaders and their little followings.

Only “non-essential” services will be shut down. Little things like national parks, inspection services,  your tax refunds, military payroll after April 15  and hundreds of thousands of government workers would go away. The president and every other elected official would keep working, as would homeland security, the FBI and services deemed essential to keep things nice and safe here in America.

Except soldiers.  I guess they’re not essential to our safety.

Which begs the question; what are they doing over there then?


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