The Crap in Wisconsin

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to one of the area papers today. It references Patrick Buchanan’s column in that paper, which you can read here. While Wisconsin is getting the lion’s share of the news coverage, this same thing is happening in Ohio and other states as well.

Patrick Buchanan’s recent column on the political circus surrounding Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal illustrates just how much of a game governing has become for both parties.

He is correct in identifying the power struggle playing out behind the scene; the Republican governor is trying to weaken unions which traditionally support the Democratic Party. There can be no defending such an obvious political attack with union busting as a core concept. Abolishing public unions does not add income or lessen debt. Concerns about the effects public unions have on governments are legitimate, but the state budget proposal is not the time or place.

This time it was the Republicans who made an aggressive move under the guise of governing, but disguising mostly party business in a bill or proposal isn’t a tactic unique to either party.

Only parties and thin core constituencies win when parties run government. Everybody in the middle is out of luck. People are right to worry about a government willing to break unions and right to worry about union bullying. It seems the most people would benefit from meaningful cooperation between parties, not plays from party handbooks


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